Saturday, August 14, 2010

Sunday, April 18, 2010

The wait and see approach

Have you ever heard the Let's wait and see approach?
I sure have. I am so sick of it this is why we are in such
a mess today. A lady in her seventies the other day told    
me this very thing. I wanted to say back to her you are
part of the problem.

We have given the wait and see approach and lets see
where we are. The leader has spent us into oblivion we
continue to kill innocent babies, we have failed our
children because we have not taught them true history.
We have failed our children by not teaching them what
it means to earn a true living, we have taught them they
need all the new toys that come out. We have failed our
children because we do not teach them enough about
GOD. We expect someone else to teach them and then
wonder when they get to be adults why did they turn
away. A special thanks to the feminist movement who
have made it that MOM has to be out in the workforce

This is where we are for "the wait and see approach."
I wonder where we would be if we did this with our
own personal lives on a daily basis. We would all be
in a mess for sure. This is what  we have done for the
past 100 years. Do you like this approach to our
government? I think probably not.


The Insanity of America: The Big Vote

The Insanity of America: The Big Vote

Sunday, March 21, 2010

The Big Vote

Today s the day. As I sit here and anticipate what will happen I'm reminded by my husband what should happen. The states should consider state sovereignty to this health care bill. We must remember that states rights can supersede the federal government. The states do not have to except this bill. I am sure there is some hidden agendas, if you don't vote for this there will be no school funding, no medicaid funding. This is how politicians work. Our representatives must ban together and either repeal this or our states attorney generals should take this to the supreme courts. This is treading on our rights, our 5th amendment rights are being violated big time. Also, state rights are being violated. I certainly don't want to hear people complain if it does pass. If people who stood by and did nothing then they should keep their mouth shut. You don't have a right to say anything if you deemed this unimportant. If you get taxed to the gill, or get a fine cause you didn't take out the type of ins. the govt says you should have, don't come crying to those who tried to stand up. Shame on us for allowing abortions to be paid by all those insured. This goes against my conscience and every ounce of my being. How awful for my money to be used to kill a life. This country has fallen and will continue to fall until GOD is put back in our lives the way it used to be. If only our FOUNDERS knew what was happening this day.I am positive they would not say that we owe everyone health care, food, a car to drive, a house to live in,internet servce,HDTV, cable, cellphones etc.

Saturday, March 20, 2010

Hours Away from a Possible Lifechanging Catastrophic Bill

Here we are hours away from a vote. This is a blatant way for democrats to bring up more bills n the near future. Our constitution says nothing about that all have a right to health care. Health Care is a privilege for a person or a family to have. If we work hard, pay our taxes, and pay our own way then we are indeed entitled to having health care. It's a privilege to go to school, to own a car, to own a house, a boat etc. We are not born to having these privileges we earn them by our hard work. As my parents would say get out and make your own way. I am tired of all these folks saying all Amercans deserve the right to health care. No we don't myself included. If I have not help pay for my health care I do not deserve it. For those of you who are not citizens, you don't deserve it either. That's right, you read this correctly you don't deserve anything. You have a right to get out and work like I do and a lot of others. You have a right to make your own way. This telling me I have to pay for everyone else health care is wrong. I have a right to say NO. We have the worst administration who love to put out the untruths believing we will all will support them. I cannot and will not support an administration who just this week said, "I don't care how this bill is passed". Also, Joe Biden said, "We will own the insurance companies." Do they really think we are STUPID? Americans have awakened to what this administration is all about. They want to take over our lives, tell us what to eat what not to eat, what type health insurance we need, if we don't have what they think we should then fine us. This is absurd[. May those of us of the TEA PARTY MOVEMENT keep putting on the pressure till we get these insane politicians out. KEEP FIGHTING FOR OUR RIGHTS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Wednesday, February 10, 2010


Well here we are having major snowstorms all over the place. Yea we are in what I would call Global Freezing. Our weather goes in cycles this just happens to be the year that it is real cold. This should remind us all that we(humans) are not in control like some think they are. The God of heaven is still in control, he made this Earth and he will destroy it. It was once destroyed by a great flood the next time will be by fire. The Earth will never be inhabited upon again, God says when his son returns everything will be burned up. Did you catch that word everything means everything. There will be nothing left cause it will be destroyed by GOD ALMIGHTY. This is a big hoax. It is the worst thing that has been pushed on us, not only us, but also, our kids. They have to hear this in class cause I've dealt with it with my child. After awhile they get to believing this then you have to deprogram. GLOBAL WARMING BIGGEST LIE OF MY LIFETIME..................................

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Our Spineless Goverment

It truly shows how our politicians are. They do what they want, when they want how they want without regards to the people they serve. It is absolutely ludicrous that the health care debate is still going on. These politicians are spineless, don't care what the voters and taxpayers think. I cannot wait for the next two elections, we must vote them all out. They must go, most have been in there way to long. Its time for them to leave there cushy jobs and go home. The only problem with that is, they still have it made after leaving. Here it is the season of giving and all they want to do is Take, Take, Take. The bucket is dry as and old saying it's slim pickings. Its a terrible feeling knowing your unable to give the people you care about gifts when all most can think about this year is how will my family eat, how will we make our mortgage payment. These are the things on most peoples minds. Where will I get another job? Here we have our federal government wanting to control every aspect of our lives. They make me want to vomit. They can't stand up to Obama or any of his cronies. AMERICA YOU BETTER WAKE UP WHILE THERE IS TIME!!!!!!!!!!!!!